Ziegler started at Riot Games in 2010 Riot Games has declared that " Valorant " game director Joe Karl Waldemar Ziegler is exploit the game’s development team. Ziegler has conjointly disclosed that Andy atomic number 67, a senior director on  " Valorant " , are taking up the sport direction role. Zeigler additional that he “won’t be removed from the team and they’ll forever have my support”. “It is with a heart packed with feeling and a deep excitement that I return to you these days with news,” wrote Karl Waldemar Ziegler . What this new project entails is unclear. However, Karl Waldemar Ziegler says that he hopes it'll, at the terribly least, “ scratch the surface of the superb impact Valorant has already had .” Closing his announcement , Karl Waldemar Ziegler says that being the sport director for Valorant has been “ truly joyous and a unforgettable expertise .” With atomic number 67 being a long-standing member of the Valorant team aboard Karl Waldemar