Tyler gave up the ghost over the weekend at the age of fifty nine following a battle with cancer James archangel Tyler , World Health Organization has died aged fifty 9 following a battle with glandular carcinoma , occupies a singular place in well-liked culture as “ the seventh Friend ”. though he was alone ever referable as a guest star on Friends, he appeared in a very hundred and fifty episodes of the era-defining program regarding six lovable New Yorkers navigating their late 20s and early 30s in a very very technique that felt every aspirational and, at times, familiarly chaotic . Tyler’s character Gunther , a barista at the Central Perk low house World Health Organization later becomes its manager, didn’t constantly speak and was never given a cognomen, but he became academic degree integral a region of the show anyway. it completely was a decade-long supporting role that created the Mississippi-born actor globally diagnosable. Friends solid pay tribute to James archange