Spoilers for 'All My Life, My Heart Has Yearned For some extent I can't Name' below Before the second season of Ecstasy need to its ending, problem and quarrel were being whipped up in 2 varied locations in East Highland. First, at the faculty wherever Lexi's newzsign (Maude Apatow) play was triggering drama in acacia (Sydney Sweeney) still as Nate's (Jacob Elordi) affiliation, causing out the last storming out of the building. Second, at Fezco's (Angus Cloud) house, wherever the charming dope dealer was getting ready to head bent watch the assembly simply to be delayed by Associate in Nursing on-edge Custer (Tyler Chase). The final episode gets promptly at Fez's space, wherever he is matched and additionally started and additionally carrying roses for Lexi. Before he will leave the door, though, Custer tells him he has to speak with him concerning "whatever", however way more notably concerning the authorities sorting out Mouse's body. Faye