On June 13, Twitter was painted purple for BTS celebrated its seventh day of remembrance. The Bangtan Boys, comprising of RM, Jin, Jungkook, J Hope, Suga, Jimin, and V, created certain the celebrations were unforgettable. whereas fans would have needed the K-Pop band would have celebrated their big day throughout their Map of the Soul tour, the band went all out digitally with FESTA 2020. From emotional a replacement song -- Jungkook's Still With You -- to AN out-of-this-world vocalizing video ANd an emotional we tend to square measure Bulletproof: The Eternal Music Video, BTS left no stone right-side-up. With simply the Bang Bang Con remaining, massive Hit recreation free "Rolling Paper" underneath the "Closing Ceremony" title wherever every member fenced in a special note for his or her fellow BTS member. whereas each member left the military tearful, Taehyung left the followers a shade additional emotional. As translated by ARMY members @kthvante and also t