Our lengthy nationwide headache is over-- the 2022 Oscars will certainly have a host. After three years of no one taking the stage to confine Hollywood's most significant night, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and also Sciences has made a decision the Old Ways were the most effective methods. There will certainly be somebody around to do an opening talk. Somebody around to break jokes in between awards. Someone around to take in the discomfort as well as punishment dealt out by live-tweeters. In these unmatched times, we're glad that this, the most pressing of problems, has been resolved. But who will tackle the thankless task of holding the 2022 Oscars? The/ Movie staff hunched down, place on their assuming caps, and also developed a totally serious as well as not-at-all silly listing of who is capable of taking on the gig. We wish you're reading, Oscar producers. Jared Leto In-Character as Paolo Gucci Jared Leto is an infamous method star. His on-and-off-set shenanigan