( Welcome to Stories from package Office, our column that takes a look at ticket office miracles, catastrophes, and every little thing in between, along with what we can pick up from them.). 2020 feels both like an eternity earlier and also just yesterday all at the same time. Yet below we are in 2022, facing down another unsure year in pandemic land, especially as it connects to large motion pictures and exactly how they're going to make out at package office. Are more films going to be postponed? Are we going to see more hybrid launches? Are movies going to be destined tumble because of scenarios past the studio's control? In the meantime we have a lot more concerns than solutions, however in this week's version of the column, we're going to consider one movie from 2021, "Godzilla vs. Kong"-- exactly how it handled to successfully weather the pandemic, and what lessons it might have the ability to provide as Hollywood browses the still-choppy waters of the f